Bicycle Action Day Recap!

Lots of pictures below, so be sure to check them out.

We had a great time at Bicycle Action Day, and this will not be the last.

The Press Conference started at 10:30am. Speakers were Senator Petersen, Senator Reeves, and Delegate Lopez, as well as Michael Gilbert (RideRichmond), Tom Bowden (BikeVirginia, VBF), and Champe Burnley (VBF).

The group ride was great. Cyclists obeyed all laws, were visible and predictable, did not ride more than two abreast, and stopped at all red lights. The ride arrived exactly as the press conference was ending, so the timing was perfect.

As Senators and Delegates began exiting the General Assembly to caucus for session, we had a chance to talk to a number of them, including the patrons of the bills we support. We then took a quick break for lunch. After, we split into two groups and went to a number of offices for both Senators and Legislators (list here). We focused on visiting the offices of those in the group who were constituents, those who patroned a cycling-friendly bill this session, and those who voted favorably on cycling legislation in the past. We also made Delegates aware of SB736 and SB1060, and asked for their support once crossover occurs.

This was our first Bicycle Action Day, and we will continue to do them during the legislative session. As we’re based in Richmond, Virginia’s Capital, we’re in a unique position to do events like these. Every event starts small, and grows as time goes on. We learned a lot during the process – what worked well and what we can improve on for next year. All in all, we’re very stoked by the turnout of cyclists, and positive feedback we received in talking to the legislative aides.

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