RideRichmond has five major projects going on right now:

  1. Bike Cooperative: We’re looking to establish a Bicycle Cooperative for Richmond!
  2. Bike Week: We kicked off our annual Bike Week celebration this year. At least 1 event every day for a week!
  3. Holiday Bike Drive: We’re looking for sponsors and partners to take over Sgt. Santa’s duties and distribute bicycles throughout Richmond!
  4. Multi-use Bike Facility: We’re working with the City of Richmond to re-cycle and re-purpose the tennis courts at Abner Clay Park to a multi-use bicycle facility for education, bicycle polo, and roller hockey.
  5. Spoke Card: Sean Kuhnke has designed an awesome spoke card (or waterproof handbill) to educate both motorists and cyclists on the laws and rights in Virginia. We distribute these at events, do DIY printing / laminating and make your own!

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